Prarieview Teacher Wins Learning & Leadership Grant

Liz Wagner, a social studies teacher at Prarieview, won a $2,000 Learning and Leadership Grant from The NEA Foundation. With this grant, she will travel to a conference in the Maldives this summer to learn about climate change. Wagner will not only study the effects of climate change, but also how people in the Maldives are empowered to take action to combat climate change.

The trip is eight days long through GEEO, which is a nonprofit teacher travel organization. For this trip, they’ve partnered with the University of Texas and Rachel Myer, the leader of the Southeast Asia Institute.

“I think climate change is important because it affects all parts of the world, albeit in different ways.  Climate change is a broad topic, and it is something our students could take action on and/or compare it to how people have taken action to combat climate change in the Maldives. Additionally, Maldives has a fascinating culture and history.  Diverse cultural and religious groups settled the islands,” Wagner said.